Get the PPIHC ( Pikes Peak International Hillclimb ) App for Android!
The PPIHC App lets you follow Pike's Peak International Hill Climb like never before! Whether you are racing, part of a racing team, or following from home, the PPHIC app will give you never-before-seen access to what’s going on, all from your smartphone.

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Now the Grooveshak Jukebox party app is available for Android!
Now Available for install from the Google Play Store. This app works with your Grooveshark Jukebox Chrome App to control it from any Android device! Learn more about how to use the Jukebox with the android app in our Grooveshark Jukebox How To

Android Marketplace (Google Play) :

On Google Play from the browser :

Grooveshark Jukebox available for FirefoxOS
Grooveshark Jukebox Chrome App Mobile Protion now Available for install in the firefox marketplace. This app works with your Grooveshark Jukebox to control it from any FirefoxOS devices or other device with Firefox installed like android, windows, mac and linux! Learn more about how to use the Jukebox with the mobile app in our Grooveshark Jukebox How To

DigiNow's Grooveshark Jukebox , powered by Grooveshark now officially has a mobile apps to go with it's Jukebox functionality!

You can read how to get started with both the Jukebox and the mobile apps on the Grooveshark Jukebox how to page. Both the Firefox OS app and the Amazon Android app are awaiting approval, but in the meantime the web app is available for use on desktop and mobile devices!

DigiNow's Installable Chrome App My Cloud9, an IDE which lets you connect to any Cloud9 Server, installed locally, remotely, or even Cloud9's hosted servers. This app has been tested and works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chome OS!

For those that don't already have their own Cloud9 instance running, or may be having trouble installing it locally or on your server, Brandon Nozaki Miller has documented his process in his installing cloud9 gist.

Use if you have a username and password by entering in the hostname field and 80/your-user-name in the port field. This will take you to your dashboard. You can also store all of your projects by following the step above but enter 80/your-user-name/the-project-name in the port field. If you use a browser you can see the project name in the URL for quick reference to store it in the My Cloud9 app. If you signed up with github or bit bucket just enter your email and hit the forgot password link and will send you a password so you can log in using your email, username, or sithub/bitbucket account.

When you start the app up enter any information needed to reach your cloud9 installation. The minimum required is the hostname to your cloud9 server. Everything else will default to the placeholder values you see in the input fields if not filled in.

DigiNow is preping for production of a new energy efficient computer with specs powerful enough to replace devices ranging from your web server, or media center down to your home computer, or embedded automobile computer. The form factor of this green powerhouse is small enough to fit any project you could use it for, yet its housing is strong enough to withstand even the high G-forces and impacts of a professional motorcycle race crash... the rugged device has withstood our rigorous and high danger testing which would obliterate any other device on the market.

DigiNow is pleased to announce that its original project the GrooveShark Jukebox is back on track and available for beta testing from the Google Chrome WebStore.

This installable app works on Mac, Linux, Windows, and Chome OS! It utilizes one of DigiNow’s open source APIs, the Tinysong Node API which is also an npm package you can try out if you like by running “npm install tinysong-api” from your node server.

DigiNow is very pleased to be working with Grooveshark, a local Gainesville Fl. tech company, on this project. Supporting local business is very important to us, and we wish more companies could create jobs encouraging such technical skills in our youth as Grooveshark's environment does.