High Power In Tiny Containers



Our Chargers are designed to be portable, or installed at a location. We have put huge efforts into keeping our units simple enough to put in the back of your car, in a top case on a motorbike, or installed at your local business. We have taken special care to insure the simplest and fastest install and inspection for business and government installs as well. Designed from the ground up to make your life easier.



Toss in your car, or on the back of your Motorbike.

Home or Business

Simple install designed to fit the needs of any home or business location.

Standards Compliant

Supports both CCS and ChaDeMo with CE and ROHS certifications. 

Robust Construction

Designed to be used anywhere.

Supreme Power Delivery

Options from 7kW to 60kW or greater for special builds.

CCS & ChaDeMo Support

Units can have both CCS & ChaDeMo, or you can choose whichever you prefer.


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