Our Heritage

DigiNow was born in 2012 in the parents garage. Brandon Nozaki Miller and Morgan Vetter's passion for charging faster got them started building onboard chargers for electric motorcycles, and over time as they learned more they expanded into charging cars, and after building a name for themselves and their brand, moved into making even faster, even more compact DC fast chargers for everyone.

Why DigiNow?

DigiNow's technology is born from the experience and the pain of being early adopters. With each of our products we strive to solve at least one issue drivers, riders, or charge providers face today. We know the problems to solve, and how to do it right, because we have been there. There are no products better designed to make your life easier than ours.


“DigiNow has been invaluable in making my EV motorcycles more useful, and greatly reduced the time required to charge. Instead of needing to charge overnight, I'm now able to charge in an hour. Their products have been "bulletproof," and certainly more than justify their reasonable cost. But more valuable has been the level of detail and support they've provided. This is a team which truly cares about not only their customers, but the EV world as a whole. Their commitment to their customers and industry is commendable; a level at which is rarely seen these days. Their enthusiasm is infectious- It's driven me to come up with ways to help them as well, knowing it'll benefit many others.
Bravo, Diginow!”


- Kelly Cash, Penguin Computing


“We manufacture electric sport motorcycles for road use, but our heritage is in racing and we test our bikes on our home track at Laguna Seca. Many of our customers also use our bikes for track days or racing where 220 V garage outlets are the norm.


So, we needed an AC-to-DC charger both for our own use and to try out on behalf of our many riders who want speedier charging at track-side than the typical Level 2.

We’ve been extensively torture-testing the new DigiNow charger at three aggressive all-day
track events during exceptionally warm conditions: first at Refuel 11 at Laguna Seca, during the Pirelli Track Day the following month and then at OMRRA in Portland.


It’s performed exceedingly well under extreme heat and constant use. It allows us to adapt the 220-240 V AC wall outlet to a quick DC-charge at a fraction of the time we’d otherwise be dependent on.


Until the days when every track circuit has DC Fast Charging, the DigiNow Charger is an
excellent solution for the electric motorcycle (or car) enthusiast.


It would also be suitable for home use for those electric vehicle owners who don’t want to be
limited to overnight charging.”

- Stefano Benatti, Energica Motor Company USA

“We raced the Baja 1000 on the first and only electric race car out of 300+ Gas race cars. Since this is such a tough race we needed a charger that would be able to charge fast, consistent, withstand a lot of vibration from the hard terrain and charge for about 30 hrs straight. DigiNow was one of the key components in winning our race, because they surpassed our expectations.”

- Raul Rodriguez, Fenix Motors

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