This portable charger is perfect to toss in the back of the car or mount in your garage, business or RV park. It is very useful to have as a backup charger for use on the race track, in a tow truck, or anywhere you need power. 

The unit comes with a 12vdc aux output (lighter style socket). The unit also has 2 outlets at 240 vac as well as the DC charger. This is perfect for tire warmers emergency lights, portable grill, lighting etc. Let your imagination run wild. Perfect to take on road trips through rural areas with RV or industrial areas being the main power sources for EV travelers. This unit will greatly speed up your charging while out and about, or road tripping.

Additional info :

  • Warranty : 12 months
  • Certified : CE&ROHS


This charger is comes with a NEMA 14-50 plug. This very common plug is often used by dryers, ovens, RVs, welders, and other industrial equiptment. Because it is so common there are many adapters available for any other types of outlets, including J1772.


12 - 20 kW Portable DC Fast Charger

Vehicle and AC Region
  • Voltage  50-500 VDC
    Power  12-20 kW
    Current  0-40 A (adjustable)
    Plug  CCS / Chademo

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