This portable charger is great for mounting in your garage, business or RV park. It is very useful to have as a backup charger for use on the race track, in a tow truck, in an SUV, trailer or anywhere you need power. 

This affordable 40 kW DCFC is perfect to install for charging motorcycles at maximum speed as well as many cars. take on road trips through rural areas with RV or industrial areas being the main power sources for EV travelers. This unit will greatly speed up you or your customers charging.

Additional info :

  • Warranty : 12 months
  • Certified : CE&ROHS


24 - 40 kW Portable DC Fast Charger

Vehicle and AC Region
  • Voltage  50-500 VDC
    Power  24-40 kW
    Current  0-80 A (adjustable)
    Plug  CCS / Chademo

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